Utility Fog
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Utility Fog

Back to the concept of polymorphic smart materials mentioned earlier. It will be comprised of microscopic computers, gears, motors, etc. and would be programmable, be able to replicate and change shape as well. The Utility Fog, or UFog, invented by Dr. Hall, consists of smart material made up of tiny identical nano-robots, or foglets. Each foglet is mostly made of telescoping arms and a nanocomputer and would be 6 to 10 millionths of a meter in size. Some of the arms would grip the ends of other foglet arms for power and communications connections while the others cling to the original structure.

The individual foglets would take up only 2 to 3% of the space in the volume they fill, leaving the rest of the space for air and light. Hence, a room filled with UFog would be transparent up close, somewhat cloudy at a distance. You could fill a house with them and they would be unobtrusive.

With all the computing power contained in these trillions of foglets they could be programmed with a wide spectrum of behaviors that mimic materials of different mass, motion, appearance, and function. Each foglet can sense the forces along each and every arm and depending on how they are programmed, can react according to the magnitude and relation of those forces.

Smart Materials

They could:

  • Change a certain volume from one substance to another, ie. change running water to solid wood
  • Make objects appear and disappear, hence furnish your house
  • Automatically recycle used or obsolete materials
  • Connect to a super nano-internet which would provide a complete education for all in all languages
  • Build entire cities, whether in Bogota or on the Moon
  • Monitor your bodily functions, such as heartrate, etc. and take preventative action if necessary
  • Have your DNA pre-programmed, thus provide you with total immunity from all bacterial and viral agents, such as colds and AIDS
  • Perform surgery on the spot
  • Read your mind!

These are only a few of the possibilities.

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Valerie Brownrigg
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