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KITH is proof that dreams can come true.

"Kith" is an old Scottish word that basically means "friends and neighbors".
What a fitting name because it is truly friends and neighbors that make KITH a success.



Pam is a beautiful, lively 12 year old Native American. She had been severely neglected for many years, in and out of the "system" until, her Grandmother took her in. Unfortunately her Grandmother did not have a lot of time or the energy for her. Pam’s Grandma was doing what she could to help her granddaughter.

In many ways Pam was lucky because she was close to a place that offered activities for kids. (A local Indian Affairs building) Pam spent alot of time there and made good friends with one of the staff. Susan started taking Pam places and on one of these occasions they went to a local art fair. Pam who had never really been interested in anything (like many preteens) noticed the Ceramics. She stood and watched for almost an hour. Susan finally had to drag her away.

When Susan heard about KITH she asked if we could give Pam pottery lessons. We found a woman named Jenny. She has a pottery studio at her home and, passed our screening process. In order for Pam to participate she had to be driven 20 miles to the studio. Her Grandmother was unable to take her and at this time KITH is not able to transport children. Susan again stepped up to the plate, She started taking Pam to these lessons every week for 6 months. Susan was not paid nor compensated for gas or time. She just had a BIG heart. Jenny was only paid for her supplies. Both women gave of their hearts and their time.

Pam never knew about KITH, she just knew that Jenny, Susan and someone else cared for her very much. (All names have been changed to protect the identity of people involved.)

That is what KITH is all about. People going out of their way to help a child.

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