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How You Can Grant a Child's Wish

KITH needs donors and volunteers to make this program a success. By becoming a sponsor you can send a child to camp or to music lessons. You can also help to defray the costs of this web site, which reaches many of those with no other resources. You may donate now by filling in and submitting the Donations Form.

Volunteers are needed to become board members, fundraise, and for other important aspects of the organization. If you are an instructor in martial arts or a piano teacher, there are children who can benefit from your training and education. All volunteers who have direct contact with children are subject to a rigorous screening process and can be turned down for any reason without explanation for the children's protection. Please fill in and submit the Volunteer's Form and help to give a kid a new outlook on life.

How KITH Can Grant a Child's Wish

KITH respects your privacy. If you have had experiences you wish to communicate to us or need advice on some matter, you can fill in and submit the Confidential Form and we will respond as soon as possible with as much help as we can give. If you have or know of a child who would like to become a KITH kid, you can request a child's application form here also.


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